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About Our Company
GCC helps YOU shape your future IT strategy

As an HPE Platinum, Juniper Elite and Fortinet Platinum partner, GCC offers deep technology capabilities and certifications. The company brings end-to-end IT expertise and a personal touch to enable clients to transform their businesses and drive positive outcomes.

GCC has been in the Cyprus computer market since 1987, focusing on account management and sales, delivery and support of complex IT solutions.

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GCC is organized into a number of specialized Business Units,on a well structured hybrid matrix which is presented on a Go-To Market Model for Small , Medium and Large Enterprises.

Each business unit acts independently either in a vertical or horizontal or both vertical and horizontal manner,always in co-operation with each other.

  • Telecommunications & Utilities

    Telecommunications & Utilities

    The Telecom operators are finding themselves on a critical point as far as evolution of their industry is concerned. While they are forced by market forces -subscribers- to build new generation and high speed mobile and fixed networks, their mainstream offering – traditional source of revenue- is being commoditized making it very difficult for them to raise the funds necessary to meet the continuously growing demand of their customers!

    In addition, three major trends/factors – demand for universal connectivity, modular technologies and increasing competition from the OTT players- are forcing all Telecom Operators to search new ways of creating value for themselves.

    GCC is fully aligned with all these changes and trends! Partnering with leading vendors we are in a position to provide a big gamut of solutions to our Telecom customers covering most of their needs whether those arise from Infrastructure (HPE, Juniper Networks, Ciena, ARRIS etc), Security (Fortinet, BlueLiv, IBM, HPE, Alien Vault etc), Telecom Solutions (Enghouse Networks, ASCOM, Maxicaster, Polystar, True Position, Creativity etc) or even their traditional Business Solutions – OSS/BSS- (Cerilion).

  • Public/Government


    The Public & Government Business Unit is looking after the Broader Public Sectors in a vertical approach. The team co-ordinates the activities and works closely, where necessary, with the rest of GCC’s BUs and Technology Solution Vendors in addressing business opportunities in the areas of:

    • IT Hardware Solutions - HP’s whole range of products
    • Network and security infrastructure in co-operation with the Networks & Security BU
    • Network, Applications and IT Infrastructure Management Solutions in co-operation with the Telecoms & Utilities BU

    GCC Computers offers specific core business solutions such as:

    •Law Enforcement and Correction solutions
    •High-Security identification document solutions (e-Passports, ID Cards, Driving Licenses)
    •Solutions for Surveillance and Rescue Services
    •Border Control Solutions
    •Taxation Solutions

    Strategic partnerships are established on a project by project basis, with appropriate Technology/Solution Vendors, aiming at successful delivering the projects with high quality local post-sales support services.

  • Banking/Finance


    Banks come to compete in a rapidly changing environment while at the same time reduce costs, keep high level of security and comply with the even stricter regulations and compliance directives.

    From the front office to back-office operations, banks are modernizing their IT and Business processes to deliver innovative financial products while protecting and scaling the network infrastructure. Financial Institutions also demand high-performance, highly resilient cyber-security that can protect critical applications and infrastructure flawlessly and with low latency, especially in today’s markets where banks are under constant threat of cyber-attack.

    At the same time new technologies and business models such as Mobile Banking, Blockchain and other Disruptive Ledger (i.e. P2P money transfer and Lending from Mobile apps) make it significant for financial institutions to explore new technologies and move forward. We at GCC want to be part of the Bank evolution and act as your trusted business partners and consultants.

    Through Strategic partnerships, we are able to cover most of the needs of a Financial Institution in all areas whether that is in the area of Compliance, AML, KYC and Fraud, or Mobile Banking and of course infrastructure, network and security.

    GCC Computers Solutions for Financial Services

    • Business Intelligence and Cross System reporting software and tools
    • Document Management
    • Core Banking Solution
    • Customer on boarding complete banking industry solution
    • KYC and AML specific software
    • Debt Collection
    • End to End Loan application management (including scoring, collection, restructuring and closure)
    • Regulatory Industry focused Reporting (Basel, Solvency, FACTA, MiFID etc.)
    • Wealth Management and Private Banking
    • Investment Management (Custody, Wealth, Fund Management)

    Cross-Related Industry Solutions

    • Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
    • Data Center Firewall
    • Internal Segmentation Firewall (ISFW)
    • Next Gen Firewall (NGFW/NGIPS)
    • Public Cloud Computing
    • Secure Hybrid WAN
    • SDN & Network Virtualization
    • Wireless LAN (WLAN)

  • SME (Small Medium Enterprises)

    SME (Small Medium Enterprises)

    SMEs are a unique group of businesses – in many ways, more dynamic than the consumer and large enterprise markets. While they may be united by their relatively small size, SMEs vary greatly in terms of their needs and preferences. A standardized go-to-market approach might work for individual consumers and large enterprises, but there is no such one-size-fits-all approach for providers of services to SMEs. Enterprises in this category may have a few things in common, but they remain highly diverse. Addressing the SME market requires accepting that it comprises micromarkets with differing needs.

    GCC is building a unique value proposition which first of all is segmenting the potential customer base. Segments will typically have differentiated value proposition needs, financial potential, and go-to market approaches.

    Cloud services are gaining ground in all segments, but small and medium-sized enterprises present a unique opportunity. Understanding and addressing is what sets GCC apart from the competition.

    Solutions include:
    • Infrastructure
    • Networking & Security
    • Cloud Services
    • IP telephony
    • Streaming Media
    • Support Services


GCC's business culture, skills and experience have been accumulated over 30 years, culminating in our main focus today on large turnkey business solutions in the following sectors.

  • Network Infrastructure

    Network Infrastructure

    The days of legacy data centers are over. The new data center landscape is largely virtualized and spread across multiple, geographically distributed sites and public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. But building, connecting, and securing this array of computing power is a complex job—and one that requires a new type of data center network, starting with an architecture optimized for the cloud era and an infrastructure that gives you agility, automation, and simplicity.

    GCC Computers builds networks which are simple, open and smart. Cooperating with reputable vendors like Juniper Networks, Fortinet, Ciena, ARRIS, Aruba Networks etc we enable our customers to deploy new applications, services, and technologies quickly and easily, with secure, always-on access to data.

    GCC Computers has the expertise to address the needs of today’s networks offering a wide range of flexible solutions such as (but not limited)

    • •Simple, Open and Smart Networks
    • •Wireless Networks (including Wifi Analytics)
    • •Network Security solutions
      • >UTM solutions
      • >NGFW solutions
      • >Advanced Threat Protection (Sandboxing solutions, DDOS solutions, Advanced threat Analytics solutions)
    • •Unified Communication infrastructure
    • •Network Access Control Solutions
    • •Network Management tools and platforms.

    Business Solutions

    Transformation should not come at the cost of your existing infrastructure.

    GCC Computers’ business solutions enable faster time-to-value through a gamut of products, software and services which combines deep expertise in innovative technology along with our extensive experience in delivering complex and integrated projects.

    Looking forward towards the 2020 business vision and Internet of things we are embracing new technologies and partnerships that will help our customers lead the technological change.

    Vertical Solutions
    • Government Agencies
    • Financial Services
    • Utilities
    • Telecommunications
    • Healthcare

    Horizontal Solutions
    • Mobile Applications
    • Asset Management and Discovery
    • Reporting and Analytics
    • Proximity Marketing
    • Financial Management
    • Contact Center
    • Time & Attendance
    • Security

    Network Security

    It is clear that digital threats have turned into the most widely recognized and genuine problems with devastating effects to enterprise networks. Intellectual property, revenue, customer and company records, and other critical resources are at risk.

    Unfortunately enterprise networks often lack adequate security solutions much less the human resources to recognize the business risks - that is until the damage is already done. Point-products providing security solutions for specific purposes may provide adequate protection against specific single-threaded threats, however a new breed of blended-threats and attacks utilize a multitude of attack vectors.

    GCC Computers has a broad portfolio of security solutions which can address those sophisticated attacks. Partnering with reputable vendors like FORTINET, BlueLiv, SentinelOne, Portnox, BackBox, ProofPoint etc we can enable our customers to protect their most valuable asset, their data.

    • Our solution gamut includes, but is not limited to, the following:
      • >Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
      • >Data Center Firewall
      • >Internal Segmentation Firewall
      • >Next Gen Firewall (NGFW,NGIPS)
      • >Public Cloud Computing
      • >Secure Access
      • >Secure Hybrid WAN
      • >SDN & Network Virtualization
      • >Secure Communications

    We have the knowledge and the expertise to deliver the above solutions to all Market Sectors including Retail, Healthcare, Education, Financial Services, Cloud providers, MSSPs, Mobile Carriers, Utilities (Critical Infrastructure/SCADA), SME etc.


    Cloud Computing represents the biggest disruptive trend in computing this decade. GCC is well poised to become a transformation partner for large enterprises and SMB's who are envisaging their journey in the cloud computing space by virtue of unparalleled competencies and capabilities with rich customer experience in Cloud engagements.

    GCC has always been a disruptive force in technology adoption and has many 'firsts' to its credit for creating industry leading propositions. GCC's approach is centered on building & providing competency based services such as Cloud Assessment, Implementation & Migration to Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds and Cloud Operations services. GCC is also actively progressing to identify niche functional applications areas in various industry verticals that will be delivered through the Cloud.

    GCC has strategic partnerships & collaborations with leading players in the cloud ecosystem. Some of these include:
    •Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    •AKAMAI Intelligent Platform
    •FortiNet’s FortiCloud
    •Microsoft Azure

    IT Infrastructure

    Data centers are evolving from isolated resource "islands" to interconnected pools of virtualized resources shared between multiple data center locations — effectively creating "data centers without walls" that help businesses cut costs and maximize IT efficiency.

    The total amount of information stored today by all the businesses worldwide exceeds 2 zettabytes. Information is expected to grow around 60 percent for enterprises and over 170 percent for SMBs.

    To be even more agile, businesses can move some of their virtual servers to the cloud and virtualize their data center resources. By pooling virtual data center resources across multiple data centers, total resource requirements can be reduced by up to 35 percent providing enterprise-class cloud services that can scale flexibly will result in lower costs for businesses than today's isolated data center.

    The Future of the Data Center is envisioned by Software Defined Infrastructure technologies
    Software Defined technologies are considered the next step in the evolution of data centers, virtualization and cloud computing. The combination of server virtualization, software-defined networks (SDN), software-defined storage (SDS) and automation will enable the creation of a truly dynamic, virtualized data center. SDN and SDS will have a place in the ultimate vision of the fully-automated, fully-dynamic infrastructure.

    Customers can rely on strategic partnerships between GCC Computers along with leading industry vendors like Hewlett Packard Enterprise, VMware, Microsoft, Oracle etc. to implement end to end Converged (Server, Storage, Network) Infrastructure, Virtualization, Data Center transformation, optimization and automation solutions, among others.

    Client Computing

    Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is another battle in the war between security and productivity. End users from the CEO down to line workers want the ability to use personal devices for work purposes. Employees have discovered the power of constant connectivity and have come to expect secure access to their corporate network regardless of location. The promises of increased productivity and worker satisfaction have brought BYOD to the forefront of most IT discussions today. The Workplace has changed and enterprises feel the pressure to adapt to that increasing demand from their employees.

    However, they are facing a major concern, how to balance between a free workplace and a secure one. GCC has the expertise and the knowledge to help organizations move from a desktop computing environment to an end-user client computing environment aligning at all times with the organization’s regulations and standards.

    Moreover, our Wireless solution gamut (Fortinet/MERU and Aruba Networks) does include analytics tools which can help marketing departments of organizations in different industries (Banks, Retail, Automotive, ISPs) to provide wireless access to their customers and at the same time use that infrastructure to push marketing messages turning the Wifi infrastructure to a revenue generating solution.

Our Business Partners

As a system integrator, we are focused on creating the programs and support that accelerate the business of our clients. We are uniquely qualified to deliver and integrate security, and network infrastructure technologies.

Our Trusted Clients

Strong relationships at every level of the GCC organization enable our clients to receive support tailored to their needs. We work with our clients to respond with agility and speed to changing market conditions so they can achieve the fastest time to revenue and online security.


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GCC Computers awarded top level Platinum Partner status by Fortinet

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