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Implementing solutions of Excellence

Operating as a Value Added Distributor and trusted advisor to the ecosystem of ICT System Integrators, resellers and partners, GCC Hellas promotes solutions and services in Security and Networks, across several sectors and companies in the Greek and Cypriot market. The company’s team of industry experts is dedicated to providing the right solution with expertise in network & security, data centres infrastructure and professional services to organizations of all sizes.
Our Mission

We fulfil and exceed ICT partners’ needs and requirements by providing highest quality, innovative and competitive solutions and services.

Our Vision

To deliver exceptional value to our partners.

Our Values

We put our partners at the centre of everything we do honouring their trust.

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Konitsis 11B, Marousi 151 25, Athens

(+30) 215 550 6991-4

cybersecurity Fortinet Technology

GCC and FortiMail: Strengthening Email Security for Today’s Threat Landscape

In an age where digital communication is integral to business operations, the need for robust email security has never been more pressing. FortiMail, developed by cybersecurity leader Fortinet and offered by GCC, emerges as a stalwart solution in safeguarding organizations against the evolving landscape of email-based threats. Email, while essential for communication, has become a […]

cybersecurity Fortinet Technology

GCC and Fortinet: How FortiSASE Provides Cloud-Delivered Security & Networking for the Hybrid Workplace

With the prevalence of hybrid workforces, a growing number of businesses are facing the challenge of securing their networks and digital assets effectively. This is due to the expanded attack surface resulting from remote offices and mobile workers, making it difficult to enforce consistent security policies and provide an optimal work experience for users both […]

HPE HPE GreenLake Technology
GCC Computers LTD in Cyprus, can help you make HPE GreenLake a reality for your organisation in your journey to successful digital transformation of your business

Unlock the full potential of your data with HPE GreenLake – GCC, HPE Leading Partner

In today’s digital landscape, data is a valuable asset that drives innovation and sets businesses apart. As a leading provider, GCC specializes in delivering HPE’s cutting-edge technologies and solutions to help organizations harness the power of their data. Data lies at the heart of digital transformation, and organizations recognize its significance as one of their […]

cybersecurity Fortinet Technology

GCC and Fortinet: FortiOS Is the Foundation of the Fortinet Security Fabric

GCC, with its unrivaled service experience and technological know-how, is helping companies all over the region to utilize Fortinet’s security fabric. FortiOS, Fortinet’s operating system, is the foundation of the Fortinet Security Fabric. The Security Fabric is the industry’s highest-performing and most expansive cybersecurity platform, organically built on a common management and security framework.  FortiOS […]

HPE HPE GreenLake Technology

The GCC Advantage: Integrating HPE GreenLake for Seamless Service Delivery

HPE GreenLake, a cutting-edge edge-to-cloud platform, revolutionizes the way customers and partners experience cloud services. With seamless control, visibility, and access to over 70 cloud services, HPE GreenLake has become a preferred choice for organizations globally. As an industry leader, HPE GreenLake boasts a staggering customer base of 65,000 and manages over one exabyte of […]

HPE HPE GreenLake Technology
GCC Computers LTD in Cyprus, can help you make HPE GreenLake a reality for your organisation in your journey to successful digital transformation of your business

HPE GreenLake – The Cloud That Comes To You

HPE GreenLake is a flexible hybrid cloud solution designed to help organizations modernize their IT infrastructure and optimize their workload deployments. Rather than purchasing and managing their own hardware and software, customers can leverage GreenLake to access and consume IT resources on-demand as a service. HPE GreenLake allows organizations to scale their IT infrastructure up […]

Storage Technology
GCC Cyprus presents HPE Greenlake

Five reasons to modernize mid-range storage with HPE GreenLake for Block Storage

Mid-range storage customers now have access to simple, reliable, and cost-optimized storage as a service for general-purpose and secondary workloads. To gain business advantage today, you need to be data-driven in everything you do. Yet while data-driven modernization is a top priority, achieving it requires confronting a host of data storage challenges that slow you down: […]

cybersecurity Technology

GCC address the most critical security challenges with Fortinet

Since 2007, we are merging our expertise with Fortinet top tier network security technologies. GCC address the most critical security challenges, by enabling organizations to build a robust security fabric, automated remediation and response solutions, in depth visibility and a unified shield across the entire digital attack surface. Based on our unparallel service experience and […]

cybersecurity Technology

GCC & FORTINET: Remote IPSEC VPN with Auto-connect & Always Up on FortiGate Firewall & FortiClient EMS

Utilising Gartner Leading Fortinet technology GCC provides a solution that utilises an auto-connect and always-on secure and encrypted reliable access to corporate networks and applications from virtually any internet connected remote location. The solution simplifies remote user access to critical application and data. Feature like, Virtual Private Network, auto-connect, always-up secure and encrypted access ensures […]


GCC celebrating 35 years anniversary & announcing its new CEO

This year marks our 35th anniversary. Founded in 1987, GCC’s inspiring success story is based on its strong reputation as technology professionals and employers, with a distinguished market presence in Cyprus over the years as a System Integrator, providing Business Technology Solutions. Our 35th anniversary is the perfect occasion to announce our new CEO. GCC’s […]

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