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Making Cybersecurity Mesh Architectures a Reality With the Fortinet Security Fabric


Complexity is a Bottleneck for Digital Acceleration

In today’s world of digital acceleration, external forcing functions such as COVID-19 and an increasingly competitive digital marketplace are driving the rapid adoption of new technologies across networks, including migration to the cloud. But far too often, organizations move first and then ask themselves later how best to secure and manage these environments— with “accidental multi-clouds” being one all too frequent example. Then there are those organizations whose internal processes, such as isolated lines of business, lead to silos of what solutions are chosen and how they are implemented—leaving security teams to deal with the mash-ups and complexities of the resulting patchwork deployments. This also creates a perfect storm for attackers and threats that exploit the resulting silos, complexities, and visibility gaps. And all of this is even further exacerbated by the resource and cybersecurity skills gaps that continue to plague many organizations. 

To solve these challenges, organizations must move beyond their outdated “best-of-breed” approaches to cybersecurity that leaves standalone solutions isolated across their network. Instead, they need to adopt a cybersecurity mesh architecture (CSMA) as the foundational building block to their digital acceleration initiatives. Doing so will help unify their fragmented infrastructure and deployments, creating cohesion and enabling collaboration and automation across the various products and solutions deployed across their environment.


Keys to an Effective CSMA

An effective Cyber Security Mesh Architecture (CMSA) is built on the principle that organizations should adopt and deploy solutions that not only fit their needs but also work within and across an integrated ecosystem to share intelligence, automate and coordinate the response, and simplify operations. Adopting a CSMA helps fundamentally shift an organization from its legacy “best-of-breed” approach built around isolated technologies to a new “best-of-breed AND integrated” cybersecurity strategy. A broad, integrated, and automated platform, such as the Fortinet Security Fabric, is vital to seamlessly and successfully implement a CSMA. It provides centralized management and visibility, enables end-to-end automation, adapts to changing network environments, and supports and interoperates with a vast ecosystem of network environments and third-party solutions.

The Fortinet Security Fabric Delivers CSMA Strategy 

For over a decade, Fortinet has spearheaded the doctrine that a broad, integrated, and automated security platform is essential for reducing complexity and increasing overall security effectiveness. To achieve this, Fortinet has integrated its CSMA strategy across its broad solutions portfolio, making the Fortinet Security Fabric the industry’s highest-performing cybersecurity mesh platform. 


With the Fortinet Security Fabric in place, organizations can leverage a comprehensive portfolio of interconnected solutions to solve their cybersecurity challenges across four key solution pillars: 

  • Security-Driven Networking that offers the industry’s only converged networking and security solutions
  • Adaptive Cloud Security to protect the entire application life cycle on any cloud
  • Zero Trust Access to know and control all users and devices
  • AI-driven Security Operations for the fastest security response
A true cybersecurity mesh platform should break down technology and vendor silos by enabling
and supporting a broad open ecosystem of technology partners. And to deliver on this vision, Fortinet currently integrates and interoperates with over 450 third-party Fabric-Ready technology partners as part of the Fortinet Security Fabric. 
An open ecosystem empowers organizations with deployment flexibility while consolidating and converging their operations, visibility, and security across their distributed hybrid networks. It also preserves its existing technology and solutions investments while implementing a fully integrated and automated Security Fabric experience. 
Organizations looking to immediately reap the benefits of leveraging a CSMA today can do so through the Fortinet Security Fabric. Such benefits include the ability to: 

  • Gain deep visibility across all their network edges
  • Centrally manage and deploy solutions with consistent policies and configurations
  • Leverage intelligence collected from their security fabric, as well as anonymized threat data from the global Fortinet Security Fabric customers and third-party integrations to get the best real-time protection for known and never-seen-before attacks
  • Automate actionable responses across their hybrid deployment

Count on a Proven and Reliable Architecture

Whether one wants to call it a “cybersecurity mesh architecture,” a “cybersecurity platform,” or “Fortinet Security Fabric,” the important thing is that organizations embrace and adopt it as part of their digital acceleration initiatives. Its broad, integrated, and automated capabilities reduce complexity, simplify operations, and improve security effectiveness regardless of where their digital journey takes them. With a Fortinet Security Fabric architecture in
place, organizations gain the confidence and benefits of implementing a broad mesh platform with a proven track record of over 10 years of worldwide deployments.